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Are your roots screaming for attention? Have you been rocking a messy bun for far too long? Not to fear. Smith & Mendoza Salon has got you covered. Our full hair salon is home to highly specialized stylist who are here to bring your style to the next level.

Choose from a wide variety of services, like cut and style, color treatment and more. Call today to book your appointment.

Put the scissors down and book an appointment

Don't show up to Sunday brunch or a first date with undone hair. Look and feel your best with professional hair services. . Our trained stylists know how to:

Treat your hair according to its needs
Let us educate you how to use our professional products

Are you still using boxed hair dye? Stop the madness and find yourself a trained stylist. Visit our Meet Your Stylist page to find the best fit.

Need to find a subtle way to tell someone they need to let a professional handle their hair? Give them a gift card to Smith & Mendoza Salon in Coral Gables.